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Don’t take rejection personally

Le 30 August 2016, 09:48 dans Humeurs 0

The most successful people in the world, particularly men who are good at interacting with women, differ in the way they react to “rejection” compared to men who don’t get how to talk to women.


I realized that when a girl rejects you, she really isn’t rejecting you, she’s just rejecting the idea of being with you. The only reason why we take it personally is because our sense of self is attached to the woman’s reaction (if she likes you or not).


When you begin to see that rejections happen every second of the day, you’ll realize that its no big deal.


Think about it, you reject people, I reject people, we all reject people on a daily basis. If we all took every rejection personally we would all be going nuts!


For the most part, women reject men because they either are having a bad day, or you caught them at a bad time. But we never see that. We think we’re the center of the universe and as a result she had to reject me because of “me”.


No. Let go of that mentality. Realize that rejection is never personal and even if it was they’re just one person. They don’t know you so they can’t really reject “you”. They can just reject the idea they have of you. With that mentality in place you’re able to leave with a smile after a girl rejects you. That’s how you become mentally strong.

Sorrow of the Millionaire

Le 4 August 2016, 08:48 dans Humeurs 0

Jiangnan in May, although to the beginning of the summer, the scenery in the morning can touch a clear coolness. The breeze of gauze, through the skin, every nerve gently through the body, a little cold heart to let the intention to go out to buy food instantly dispelled the idea. Coupled with the recent physical discomfort, let lazy mood more burnout Mercedes SUV . Is this a casual idea is to change such a casual time, so often goes back home, in the summer evening, in a bustling street at dusk, saw the most beautiful scenery on earth, to capture a most beautiful sunset in the afterglow. As always, the streets, as always, traffic ultherapy. The dust does not stop the Ming from the various speakers sound, sound, and hawkers near the construction site issued a "thunder" sound, the sound of the object. The electric car through the narrow streets crowded around to avoid the posture as smart light vehicles and people istick 20w. Wearing a uniform school uniforms of the students, the leisurely scattered in the hustle and bustle of the rush of people, the formation of a unique landscape. All this time, composed of the Jiangnan Town in the twilight of the most real life fragment. In the eyes somewhat familiar, a bit lonely, feeling a bit! Tailgating in front of the electric motor, carefully after the most prosperous, the noisy town road, finally came to the always patronize the food market junction. Perhaps this section before the development of the cause, distant to the Caspian extension vegetable market trail, on both sides of the open field, dilute sparse breed a handful of weeds in the sunset afterglow with the breeze, gently swaying movements of the gentle graceful, quietly bathed in the Xi Yang sway in the radiance, enjoy this a rare happy and quiet. Often encounter such a good weather, encountered such a good king, I will be at this stop, allow them to integrate into their own, very long, very long.... This is a different than normal group, I looked carefully, three men and a female: left No. 1 man, the age of fifty, thinness, thin slim, high filling bone in thin face more significant unexpected, a huge purple package block cover the lips of a big part. Perhaps the mass weight caused by his entire face was extremely ferocious and terrible. More shocking me is his empty sleeves, with the evening breeze, echoed each other, slightly to the left and right swing, is so dazzling; on the right-hand side of the thirties scene of man, the figure slightly obese, a pair of black gold rimmed spectacles on the handsome handsome face, more show a few minutes of elegance. Is in I carefully looked at his moment, saying "thank you, really thank you" words from his mouth slightly prolapse, watching his micro bow their body to give them the coin box people salute, I was surprised to find, he lost both legs to sit in the big strong wooden stool, a pair of trousers in the root of the leg was cut Qi, and hips slightly long a few inches, pants head with slender rope tied, open pants head fold imprinting, in my eyes like two flower blood camellias, pain suffocating! The middle sister, with a microphone, is portrait interpretation of Wang Feng's song "in full bloom of life". Clear voice and her figure looks completely do not coincide, the radiance of one handed her fondly looking at the horizon. Maybe it was the setting sun shook the eye, the elder sister has been trying to open his eyes, but it is ultimately powerless! Only the head of black hair with the breeze caresses, and occasionally there are strands of from time to time waved in front of the forehead, her hand gently tease, show female's unique flavor and charm! Located at the back of the eldest sister is a diminutive middle-aged man, perhaps is blocked, or perhaps he is immersed in their own world, the hands don't stop in the electronic piano fondle to fondle to, bulletproof jumped a string of wonderful music. Body with the notes of the jump non-stop around shaking. I tried to see his face, but I didn't see him for a long time. Only the long hair in my mind to save, like a unique art oil painting, give people unlimited daydream space! The process of buying food is simple and lively, perhaps its own experience, I will not be here to waste more time and energy, life is not easy! When I turned around to leave the market, they also packed up and was ready to leave. Meet again, no original surprise and strange. Smile, nod frequently, is the most direct, the most warm greetings, although there is no language! "At this time there is no sound without sound" perhaps like this bar! Sunset, the horizon last rays of mass in every corner of the south. Watching them organize all costumes, sit on their special driving (like children skateboarding) in a group of four, grabbed his profession and slowly away from my sight drifting further and further away. The afterglow of the shadow in their back is pulled long, good long... South of the Yangtze River in the early summer, the markets that touch of the sun, in the heart gives birth to a beautiful bright scenery, the Dao Yuhui the beauty of the will be fixed in the mind into eternity!